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London, U 15-05-2024
Kraken Analytics is a new team within the Kraken world, who will lead on data and analytics products, workflows and analyses. We will be the data support network for both clients and internal teams who need help getting the most out of their data, and need guidance around how to achieve their goals. We will be responsible for building and maintaining core datasets for every Kraken instance that can be used to quickly and efficiently answer a wide range of demands, and then visualising / making available that data within Kraken or external data applications. We will also work on analytics based engineering workflows within Kraken itself and other data products.

At Kraken, teams are given freedom with how they run, and you will be responsible for the end to end implementation of projects, making key decisions along the way. You will work across the core Kraken and data tech stacks, including technologies like AWS, Postgres, Django, Terraform, Github, and Kubernetes while helping to integrate and merge the data analytics team's output with the rest of the Kraken ecosystem.

What you'll do

    • Work on setting up and building the Kraken Analytics data applications and visualisations
    • Work on developing the usability and functionality of the repositories the team uses
    • Build client dashboards/frameworks within Kraken to help expose the work done by the teams analysts
    • Work on maintaining or developing existing analytics products in Kraken such as Integrity Checks
    • Be given time to develop and grow into the role
    • Contribute to the development of the Kraken Analytics team
    • Work on strategic projects end to end
    • Work closely with a broad range of teams at Kraken

What you'll need

    • We're looking for a generalist with an interest in technology and problem-solving; someone diligent and thoughtful, who when faced with a new problem is capable of seeking out an answer. It would be helpful to have experience/expertise in the following (in rough priority order):
    • Python
    • Working collaboratively on codebases using git
    • Django (or equiv. web framework)
    • Postgres Working with APIs
    • Writing robust and fault-tolerant software
    • Plus experience in the following would be a bonus: SQL, AWS (or equivalent), Terraform, CI/CD, JS, data visualisation

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