Data Visualisation SpecialistOctopus Energy

Manchester, UK 28-09-2023
The energy industry is undergoing the largest transformation since industrialisation at an unprecedented rate of change and we are positioning ourselves to be at the heart of that change. 

Our aim is to be the leading global provider of solutions that enable customers to release £30bn of value per annum from distributed energy resources (DERs). We are building a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription business with a global addressable market of £2.4 billion per annum, by digitally connecting hundreds of thousands of DERs with energy markets.

We have already attained a market leading position and KrakenFlex is a recognised thought leader and innovator in the industry. Our efforts have not gone unnoticed and we are pleased to announce that we now have the full support and backing of Octopus Energy, an award-winning UK energy supplier who share our passion and values.

We're looking for a flexible data visualisation engineer who has an interest in all things visual, and a willingness to apply their skills to a diverse range of projects.  At KrakenFlex NeXt we tackle impossible problems and test radical hypotheses, taking ideas from academic literature, emerging technologies, and the imagination of our talented employees.  As a member of NeXt you'll be joining a fast-paced environment where we build real things to test and display these ideas --- we want someone to help us show them off.

You'll be good at working with those from other disciplines to clearly explain and show concepts and data to non-specialists, and build a coherent identity for the group using a variety of visual media.  You'll be able to help us build the things that do the showing, from basic presentations, themes, graphics, and visuals through to interactive displays (e.g. websites or similar).  The environment is highly collaborative and flexible, and your colleagues will each have their own varied skillset to contribute.  We will offer you the freedom and flexibility to be creative, paired with the resources and structure to help guarantee and direct that success.

This role describes two sets of capabilities: we want someone to lead the visual aspects of what we do, from the design and UX of what we're working on through to infographics and outreach things. We also want someone to contribute to the code itself showing data, and help us shape the narrative used to explain concepts using that data. We have coders and data scientists to support you in these, but are seeking someone who is happy wearing both hats, and getting stuck in with the work of the group.


What you'll do

    • Work in a fast-paced environment tackling diverse R+D demands covering big data and AI, product design, and social sciences
    • Build engaging visualisations showing a variety of data, research findings, and systems in a way that's exciting and clear to non-subject-specialists
    • Lead the creation and maintenance of a coherent visual identity, developing standards and resources
    • Shape narratives around our work: dive into difficult problems alongside data scientists, developers, and subject matter experts to shape our approach into something explainable, distinctive, and coherent
    • Work to disseminate findings internally and externally

What you'll need

    • Passion and curiosity for learning new skills and technologies related to data visualisation and staying updated with the latest trends and developments in the field
    • A willingness to work outside your immediate area and skillset and work on what needs to be done in a startup atmosphere
    • Proficiency in using various tools and technologies for creating, analysing, and presenting data visualisations, such as JavaScript, python, D3.js, Tableau, Power BI, etc.
    • Storytelling skills: The ability to craft a compelling narrative that connects with the audience and conveys the main message and purpose of the visual content.
    • Graphic design skills: The ability to apply the principles and elements of design, such as colour, typography, layout, alignment, contrast, etc., to create visually appealing and coherent visual content.
    • Branding skills: The ability to create and maintain a consistent and distinctive identity for the visual content that reflects the values, vision, and personality of the company.
    • Ability to design and implement interactive and engaging data visualisations that communicate complex data insights effectively and clearly to different audiences.
    • Awareness of data science and analytics concepts and methods, such as data cleaning, data manipulation, data exploration, statistical analysis, machine learning, etc.
    • Experience in working with different types of data sources and formats, such as APIs, JSON, CSV, SQL, etc.

Why else you'll love it here

    • Wondering what the salary for this role is? Just ask us! On a call with one of our recruiters it's something we always cover as we genuinely want to match your experience with the correct salary. The reason why we don't advertise is because we honestly have a degree of flexibility and would never want salary to be a reason why someone doesn't apply to Octopus - what's more important to us is finding the right octofit!
    • Octopus Energy is a unique culture. An organisation where people learn, decide, and build quicker. Where people work with autonomy, alongside a wide range of amazing co-owners, on projects that break new ground. We want your hard work to be rewarded with perks you actually care about! We won best company to work for in 2022, on Glassdoor we were voted 50 best places to work in 2022 and our Group CEO, Greg has recorded a podcast about our culture and how we empower our people 
    • Visit our perks hub - Octopus Employee Benefits
Ideally you will be based in the Greater Manchester and happy to come into the office a couple of days per week! But we appreciate that things have changed and flexibility is at the top of everyone's agenda, so if you would rather be remote please let us know.

If this sounds like you then we'd love to hear from you.

Studies have shown that some groups of people, like women, are less likely to apply to a role unless they meet 100% of the job requirements. Whoever you are, if you like one of our jobs, we encourage you to apply as you might just be the candidate we hire. Across Octopus, we're looking for genuinely decent people who are honest and empathetic. Our people are our strongest asset and the unique skills and perspectives people bring to the team are the driving force of our success. As an equal opportunity employer, we do not discriminate on the basis of any protected attribute. Our commitment is to provide equal opportunities, an inclusive work environment, and fairness for everyone.


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