Junior Software EngineerMytos

London 18-05-2023
We're Mytos and we're building the infrastructure for manufacturing biology. Our work has a massive real-world impact. We help teams in drug development and cell therapy accelerate their research so that drugs and new cures can get to patients earlier.

We are at the beginning of the century of biology. AI driven drug discovery companies are pioneering new methods of discovering medicine and cell therapies are showing great promise at tackling cancers far more effectively than anything we have seen before. These new technologies are built on one of the greatest tech platforms that humans have access to: the cell.

But right now cells are still grown in a manual, tedious and incredibly time consuming way; by hand by trained scientists standing under hoods in the lab. At Mytos we spent hundreds of hours observing this and we used a human-centred approach to designing a new solution to this from scratch. With our device our users can now grow and monitor cell batches from the cloud, allowing them to step away from the pipette and focus on the science.

Mytos is on a rapid trajectory. After going through YCombinator in California we built out our team of mechanical and software engineers and biologists. We trialled an early prototype with our first partners during the pandemic, setting up our device remotely over Zoom. In the past 6 months we have had more sales than in the entire history of the company, taking us to millions of dollars of preorders. We would love to have you join us at this stage of our journey.

Many of the Mytos team joined us as their first “real job” once they left university. We have seen these individuals contribute dramatically to the team, taking on real responsibility and tackling key product challenges. At Mytos you’ll truly work across the full stack and team up with mechanical engineers and biologists too. We believe investing in someone early in their career is one of the best bets we can take as a company. This isn’t a grad scheme style position- you’ll be integrated into the team straight away and quickly be contributing to our core work.

Meet the team here: Team Video

This is an opportunity to work on projects at the interface of software, hardware and biology. 

When you join us, you’ll get to:

    • Contribute to saving 1000s of hours of work by automating one of the most tedious manual processes in biology, collaborating with other biotechs that are at the cutting edge of the field
    • Choose what projects you want to work on- teaming up in small groups with biologists and mechanical engineers alongside our software team to solve core problems
    • Upskill across the board, from high quality code mentorship to even donning a lab coat and be trained on the nuances of stem cells, the basics of fluid mechanics and even culturing human cells on your own
    • Write code that you can immediately see the impact- testing on our prototype in our own lab
    • Be trusted to get the work done with flexible working hours

We’d love to hear from you if:

    • Are early in your software career and want to join an environment that gives you the chance to grow quickly
    • Have demonstrated technical promise so far in your studies or work
    • Want to work on difficult technical challenges in a field that will define the biggest scientific advancement this century
    • You care about being part of a team that values supporting each other as much as producing quality work

We use the following technologies:

    • Frontend (Netlify): React, TypeScript, GraphQL, Storybook, MaterialUI
    • Backend (AWS & Heroku): NodeJS, TypeScript, GraphQL, MongoDB
    • Physical Device (on-premise): NodeJS, Typescript, FastAPI, Python, MQTT
    • Firmware: C++, GTest, GMock, Bazel, Platformio

Our interview process is as follows:

    • Introductory call with a Mytos team member (30 minutes)
    • Take home Codility coding challenge (2 hours)
    • Competency interview with a software engineer at Mytos (1 hour)
    • Take home preparation for technical onsite interview (2 hours)
    • Technical onsite interview (2 hours)
    • Founder interview (1 hour)
We’re building a team that enjoys moving fast and not killing cells, strives for continuous improvement through learning from mistakes and is passionate about work that contributes to solving real world problems. We learn together, grow together and solve hard problems together. 

We get very excited about meeting potential colleagues who share our enthusiasm for unconstrained innovation and understanding our users. Our benefits include options, 32 days holiday (including bank holidays, pension, thoughtful colleagues and a lab in the Imperial College Innovation hub in White City, where you’ll be based (when not working remotely).

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