TypeScript Software EngineerMytos

London 15-05-2023
We're Mytos and we build machines that automate the growing of human and animal cells. Join us, and you’ll unleash scientists, accelerate their research and help get medicines to patients earlier. 

You don’t have to be wearing a lab coat to get the most out of working here though. We’re a low-ego, high-urgency team of 20, spanning software, hardware and biology. Our product encompasses mobile apps, embedded software, image processing and the latest cloud computing technologies. At Mytos, 'full stack' means software runs from the cloud to the firmware. So if you’re an engineer with an interest in the unique constraints of writing software to control physical devices, there’s a lot for you to sink your teeth into.

We’re solving one of the last highly manual processes in biotech. Automated cell growth would allow scientists to experiment faster. Many of the existing robotic processes don’t solve the underlying problem, they just replace the human with a robot. Our founders' human-centred approach to physical product design exposed a new way to look at the problem. We’ve built a device that allows our users to grow and monitor cell batches from the cloud, step away from the pipette and focus on the science.

When you join us, you’ll get to:

    • Work in cross-functional teams, across the product development life-cycle 
    • Work on a well-defined roadmap, with product managers, engineers and designers, to define, build and implement new features
    • Write highly performant, well tested Typescript code that controls the fluidic system, improve the communication layer between device and cloud and implement new protocol design to help unlock the massive potential of the device
    • Be involved in technical decisions, for example how services on the device communicate with one another and the cloud
    • Contribute to our culture of continuous improvement and experimentation, helping us define best practices for writing device software, especially taking common failure modes like power outages and internet connectivity into account

We’d love to hear from people who:

    • Are able to reason about physical systems and fluid dynamics
    • Have solid commercial experience with Typescript/Javascript/Node.JS and are keen to learn more
    • Demonstrate an interest in hardware and physical systems, either commercially, academically or as a maker
    • Have well developed opinions about lunch, and what time it should be taken

We use the following technologies:

    • Frontend (Netlify): React, TypeScript, GraphQL, Storybook, MaterialUI 
    • Backend (AWS & Heroku): NodeJS, TypeScript, GraphQL, MongoDB 
    • Physical Device (on-premise): NodeJS, Typescript, FastAPI, Python, MQTT 
    • Firmware: C++, GTest, GMock, Bazel, Platformio
We’re building a team that enjoys moving fast and not killing cells and is passionate about work that contributes to solving real world problems. We get very excited about meeting potential colleagues who share our enthusiasm for unconstrained innovation and understanding our users. Our benefits include stock options, 32 days holiday, pension, thoughtful colleagues and a lab in the Imperial College Innovation hub in White City, where you’ll be based at least two days a week.

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