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London, England, United Kingdom 09-05-2023


🚀 Senior Backend Engineer
⚡ Data & AI 🎵 Music
🌍 UK, London based (Hybrid working, remote available)
🧰 Python, PaaS, Terraform, FastAPI, TypeScript, Node.js

💸 Package to be discussed on application, above market rate compensation (👀)

orbit is delighted to be working with a generative music technology start-up who are developing novel AI solutions to increase the capabilities of composers to create original music. DAACI is the next step in the evolution of music creation. DAACI is a comprehensive AI system that composes, arranges, orchestrates and produces authentic, high-quality and original music with emotional and narrative awareness. It is set to empower today's generation of composers for the next generation of content, forming a central part of game production, the metaverse, digital worlds and dynamic virtual experiences.

Who are DAACI?

DAACI's vision is to develop novel AI solutions that vastly increase the capabilities of composers to create original music. Bringing together musicologists, AI and significant industry experience, we are revolutionising the approach to creating and distributing music.

We use a proprietary, analytical approach to music composition by expressing the principles of composition mathematically through a bespoke MCI (Meta-Composition Interface). These principles are then used to generate fully formed music that incorporates Stochastic/Aleatoric processes, AI and Musicology. The notes generated by this system are rendered into professional music with top-quality production values using an in-house synth module.

We are currently looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join our fast-growing start-up and help us build a back-end to store the rich musical data being composed and entered by our musicologists. You will fit right in if you are equally as happy working with professional composers as you are with software developers.


  • Strong back-end or full-stack development skills across a variety of technology stacks and domains
  • Strong communication skills with a wide variety of people, from fellow devs to business executives and creatives
  • A love of researching new areas and crafting solutions iteratively on a short feedback cycle
  • Experience with a range of data storage solutions and a pragmatic ability to discern the appropriateness of each in different contexts, taking into consideration reliability, scalability, ease of use, and developer experience
  • Experience with a range of cloud technologies and PaaS providers such as AWS, GCP, Cloudflare, Supabase, Vercel, and ability to choose the best for the job balancing cost with ease of use and time to market
  • Experience of infrastructure-as-code tooling such as Serverless Framework or Terraform
  • Ability to work independently and proactively in solving complex problems
  • Strong team-working skills

You may also have

  • Familiarity with audio technology
  • Leadership skills
  • Production experience with any of Amazon Web Services, Terraform, React / Next.js / Node.js / TypeScript, Python / FastAPI (this is our current stack, but it's liable to change as we grow)
  • Experience with gaming audio technology
  • Opinions on your favourite technologies, software development methodologies, and ways of working that you would like to add to the melting pot as we develop our engineering culture
  • An interest in the ethics and applications of AI, including around new developments such as ChatGPT / GitHub Copilot


  • A diverse, multidisciplinary team HQ’d in a convenient office space in central London, near London Bridge.
  • A flexible and employee-first approach - we are results-based, not presenteeist.
  • A competitive compensation package The position is based out of DAACI’s office in London.

The opportunity or option for remote work may be available for strong candidates.

The interview process

  • An initial call lasting around 30 minutes which may include a technical test.
  • A technical interview in the DAACI offices lasting around half a day

If you are interesting in this position then please apply now or email


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